4 Feb 2014

The Lunar Year of the Horse

Hello all!
First off, Happy Birthday to my friend Owen! (I'm making this a thing now that I do every 29 faces challenge).
Ahem. Moving on from that comment.

So, I said in a previous post that I went to a Lunar New Year Festival in Brisbane. I went with Mitch and it was great fun (we did meet Owen in the city beforehand, but he doesn't like crowds, so we never saw him again that weekend). There were cultural dances, stalls (regrettably not food stalls - that would have been great), the colourful lions and music!
Here are some of the pictures that I took (with Mum's camera that she was missing...)

And here is a face. To celebrate the Year of the Horse!

The photo quality isn't that great. I was practicing with watercolours for this piece. I imagine some of the other Oracles in a peanut gallery behind him commenting on his arm muscle (maybe I'll draw that next?). Mum drew the ears because I was having trouble with them.
He is a centaur! Completely justifiable for the Year of the Horse.
Day 4: Fin
Gah! I need more sleep lately, and I don't have a lot of free time for some reason nowadays... Anyway, have a wonderful day everyone! I hope you get a nice amount of sleep!


  1. Good idea for the year of the horse...and great chinese new year photos too.

  2. wonderful! I like the colors! Happy New Year! :D

  3. Excellent pictures! Great face ;o) Love the ears ;o) I hope you get some sleep ;o)

  4. Oh my how did I not leave a comment on this fantastically vibrant post?? Awesome character and love the Chinese New Year pics!


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