1 Feb 2014

29 Faces 2014: Round... 6? Begin!

I am very lazy. Not sure if anyone has caught onto that, so I'll just put it out there. Eventually I;ll do everything I say I will, but it just takes me longer!

Anyway, AlayaArt is restarting the 29 faces challenge for another round, and me and Mum talked. She said she'd do it if I do. So here I am.
Mr Linky is not up yet, but I'm about to leave and go to Brisbane for a Chinese Lunar Year Festival, so I'm posting the first face before I go!

The first face is a bit different, and it has taken 24+ hours to do it. And uh, sorry for the crappy quality of video, but right now it's the only way to do so.

Thank god it isn't "29 Hands Challenge" 'cause then I would never be able to do it!


29 Faces 2014 Day 1: Half Completed (but complete for the challenge)
Have a wonderful day everyone! And good luck with the challenge!


  1. Ohh a face AND with animation AND music... La de daa, love LOVE LOOOOOVE! Thank You for pushing me, by the way, you lazy(?) no, no no, you are a powerhouse of activity, I'll try to keep up, but don't expect any face animation from me, I'll leave that time consuming fabulousness for you :) Fantastic Mem, 1 down & 28 to go :)

  2. Great animation! I also am glad it isn't 29 hands or I would not be in it at all.

  3. you are going to do cartoons every day?? OMG!!! and you call yourself lazy???? LOL!


  4. OMG I love the animation!!!!! Are you kidding me? the hands are perfect!
    Great to see you in the challenge Mem! ♥
    I want to hear about the festival, has to be awesome!

  5. Loving your animation, great start for 29 Faces. Annette x


  6. What a great animation. Awesome! Have fun.

  7. wow! how cool "animation" - can't wait to see what's next!

  8. Oh I LOVE your animation Memphis... and your gorgeous girl... good on you in going with the 29 Faces challenge again... looking forward to seeing more :)

    Jenny ♥

  9. This is so fun. Far from lazy, I must add!

  10. This is so cool Memphis!! Excellent!

  11. Very cool animation! I look forward to seeing what else you do this month! :)


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