3 Sep 2013

Return of the 29 faces

Huh, the title almost seems like 'Return of the Apes' doesn't it? Well, it's the return of the 29 faces challenge so I think it fits. Anyway, I'm not letting Mum enter AlayaArt's 29 faces challenge alone (especially after I convinced her to enter). Click here to see everyone else that have joined the challenge! For those who don't know what the challenge is about, 29 faces must be made in 29 days. Any media can be used, there is no limit!

So while doing my uni assignments, there will be little faces done here and there. And because I need to do some work on my essay, here is the first face of September 29 faces!

Day 1

This is Sue, she's the youngest of the Vampire siblings. Just some pencil on cardboard, with an attempt to using some cross-hatching techniques (although the attempt can't be seen)

Mission 1: Complete! Now onto the stuff I get graded on...
Have a wonderful day!

Oh yeah, before I forget. A link to the faces I'll be doing will be under the '29 faces' page up next to the 'Home' and 'Short Stories'.


If you have a few moments I would really appreciate your feedback on my post :) and thank you for dropping by so I could share my stories with you :)