27 Feb 2013


Hello! How is everyone?
I've officially started Uni this week and I'm enjoying it! I've met some really nice people in the Writers Club, enjoyed my lectures (Archaeology, Ancient History and Art History) and have finally found where the illusive Room 216 is after 3 days and 5 laps of the university grounds. Tomorrow is the Creative Writing lecture, which I'm looking forward to.

Anyway, I am 14 days behind and will be playing catch-up for a while now, so bear with me for the picture overload.

Day 14:
Harmony Oak. It's an okay picture, but it's a face and I need all the faces I can get to catch-up!

Day 15:
Pencils and pen. I actually really liked the combination and how it turned out. Unfinished of course (were you expecting a finished product from me?)

Day 16:
This was a bit of an experiment on the character I call Azure. It's okay, I could do better. It's a mix of acrylic paints and pastels

Day 17:
I found Mum's stash of clay!! This is a work in progress of a 'Kirata': A mythical creature from India that I came across in my reading. This is actually a character that has appeared on this blog before (if your interested in stories and all that jazz).

 Day 18:
I am so proud of myself over this picture! The character is called Moehn and I really like the story she is in.

So, days 14-18: Completed! Now I'm only 9 days behind! I'm going to do it! I swear I'll finish one of this things one day!

 P.S. Mum took the pictures. Aren't they great?


  1. Mom's pictures are great! Happy to hear everything is going well at University ;o) All of your faces are excellent, but I have two favorites! The unfinished one and the very last one! Excellent!!!

  2. WOW!!! Dedication Memphis, I am always thrilled to see your art but loved the chance to take the pics for you & preview the creative bounty you posted here!!! Love them all :)

  3. What an awesome post! All the work is great, thanks for sharing!
    Also good luck with the school, my son is having finals next week, and getting ready to finish his quarter.
    There are a lot of people still working on their faces, so you are not alone :oD
    I want to thank you for participating! Hugs!


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