8 May 2012

Day 6-8 and...

I'm sorry that I'm so late with these! Forgive me!
Anyway, you want to know something interesting?? I was at work when the news came on with the announcement that a MI6 agent was found dead in a suitcase (or bag). And you want to know who the suspect at the time was?
The Occult. Seriously, the broadcaster said something like "So-and-so are investigating the case. However, officials believe it to be work of the occult". I just burst out laughing my head off for a good 5 minutes. Trust me, I love the supernatural and constantly wish that I was physic or for something similar, but for officials to say that, and for it to be broadcasted worldwide? Then when I settled down, I remembered that the MI6 is meant to be the British Secret Intelligence right? Then why the heck does everyone know about it? And don't say James Bond, because someone had to know before that (and the people working there don't count either)!
Anyway, it was even funnier than that because at that moment, I had a movie playing on my I-pod, and... Well... I'll just show you a picture from it and explain.
This character is called England.
 Can you guess what he is doing?
Oh! Moving on (I just thought I'd share that with everyone. Hope it made you smile! Maybe it was just funny for me... If so, sorry for boring you), the faces that I've done!! Again I'm sorry that two of them are late...
ARGH! Wait!! I hope none of you are insulted of what I said! Please don't! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me if I did, I didn't mean too!!

Day 6:
An earlier one I did, because I haven't finished the one that Mum pulled out of the hat... Yet. I will though. Anyway, here's a face to make up for it.

Her name is Mohana, although she is nicknamed Mona. She's from India and also a Genie. Some advice though; Just don't ask for 3 wishes, she'll kick you into the next century. She hates the idea, since in reality, the Genie just said that for entertainment and to trick people stupid enough to ask (although majority weren't malicious).

Day 7: A little friend
It was labour day here on Monday, so we went to the beach for brunch. I was there drawing pretty much the whole time, until I saw some clay. Well, I call it clay. Then I jumped down from the picnic rug and started to play with it. So, the face for Monday is a little friend I made to guard and amuse people as they walk by.

Does this count as a face? I say it does. I used everything that was within arms reach to make it. Expect when Trin came along, then I got up with my muddy hands, pretended to slip and got her on the shoulder. She didn't even realise she had clay on her until Mum and I started to giggle.
And here is where my little friend was placed!

See when I said 'little' I meant it!

Day 8: An Angel...?
Today was pretty normal-ish. Nobody was home for a bit, so I finished a drawing and did it up on photoshop. Here's part of it!
I know it's a full body picture, but I'm so proud of the wings!!
And here she is, without any added effects.

And VIOLA!! Days 6-8 done! Ok then, have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Fabulous post Memphis... yes you made me smile... your faces are awesome... although as soon as I saw your genie... I was about to start wishing until I read what was underneath... not wanting to be kicked into the next century... I moved quickly on... love your little clay person... and sweet angel... fab photoshop effects too...

    Jenny x

  2. Great collection! I really like the angel. :)

  3. Great stuff Memphis!!! Your little clay guy is adorable! You did a great job on the angel wings! Mohana is very pretty! The news about the agent in the suitcase is very interesting and spooky!

  4. Wonderful post, Memphis! Oh yes, the clay guardian definitely counts as a face. ;-)

    Mona looks so sweet which is a good face for someone always on the lookout to trick stupid people. hehehe.

    The angel is truly beautiful and your wings are magnificent! Have a great rest of the week.

  5. What a great post.... Memmy you are so funny apologising, you would have to really try much harder if you were to upset someone :) Maybe James Bond would even chuckle about this ;) Love you clay face (wonder if he's still there) & those other characters are divine, both feathered & non feathered - well done :)


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