4 May 2012

Day 4!

Ok, no one drew out the name for today, I just had a face ready, drawn when watching Big Bang. Anyway, she's the best friend of U-C, and her name is Eshe! She's already been on the blog. If you want to look, just look in January of the archive. Or if your lazy click here.

Does it look like she's in a desert? Is it hinted at? If your wondering why she is wearing a jacket in the desert, women are meant to cover themselves in Egypt. In fact while in Egypt, Eshe and U-C will cover their heads with scarfs and U-C will also put a cloak over her shoulders. The only times they don't go over board is when their out of the country, when their in their homes and when their over at the Cat Brothers house.

Day 4: Done! I really need to find more ways to say finished. Might need to go to another language. Have an awesome day everyone!


  1. I like her better now than in January. :) She looked a little pissed off then. :) Yeah! Go with finito. :)

  2. She looks very wicked! Love her piercing eyes!! Well done Memphis ;o)

  3. She is great.
    Hey, how about to say "voila" :oD

  4. Fun! And yes … voila works too!


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