16 May 2012

Day 15: A new ACEO (Finally!)

Hello again!
Today's face is actually a new ACEO that I've done. I find it hard to get the feeling right with my pictures, thus I never really seem to find the right idea to put on an ACEO. I think I did alright with this one though!

Cézar, the Gentle Giant, as long you don't insult his friends.  Or mention something you really shouldn't have. But that a secret between me, him, Felix and Davi for now. Oh, the little girl next to him is Lily Finch.
Day 15: Finito, now only one left before I'm up to date. Hm.... I actually made a mistake on this picture...
Anyway, have a nice day everyone!


  1. Can't see any mistake, it's a great aceo - love the soft colours, suitable for a gentle giant :)
    & friend ;)

  2. This is a really sweet aceo! You can see the gentleness in his face ;o) Can't see a mistake???


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