25 Feb 2012

Day 22

I'm a little behind aren't I? Oh well, just means I have to work harder to catch up!! So, Dad's aunt drew out today's face before she left, so here's Zakhar!

Poor poor Davi (not really). Zakhar looks rather smug about it doesn't he?

I don't have much to say about him, since he is already on this blog. Want to find out more about this character? Click here (I really can't come up with anything better than 'Click here'. Maybe 'Click this link and it will transport you somewhere else'? Bit long though... Any ideas?)
Anyway, Day 22: Done! Let's move onto the others!


  1. 'Click here' is fine :) better than get your butt over to this link LOL... this dude is a fave of mine, intelligent & skilled enough to set up a practical joke, patient enough to wait for the timing to be just right, & also a handsome devil with great hair!!!

  2. I agree, handsome devil, with great hair! I don't mind being transported somewhere else ;o) Beam me up, Scotty ;o) LOL!


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