21 Feb 2012

Day 19: Some-kind of Prince Charming

Hm... I'm not sure how to say this, but sometimes I don't comment on people's blog, and apparently to Mum, it makes me look like I'm not interested. I am interested, but I'm always afraid that whatever I write can be misinterpreted. For example, a friend of ours dog died last year. When I offered by condolences, I asked how it was before it passed.
"Happy," she said, to which I replied "That's good."
She then got really upset with me. I didn't mean to say something hurtful, I just meant at least the dog was happy before it passed. However I still avoided her for the week. It happens in all social circumstances, even my friends misinterpret what I say. Heck, family do as well. SO, what I want you all to know, is that while I don't always comment, I'm always reading and looking at what everyone is doing. And the reason I don't comment is so that none of you think I'm the most horrible person on the face of this current earth because I said something and it sounded like I'm a heartless being. That and I don't know what to say 9/10 of the time.

Anyway, the face for Day 20 was pulled out by Dad's aunt. So here's Davi.

... He's from Brazil, I'm not sure where in Brazil but he's from there. How does he look?

Let me tell you why he is nicknamed Prince Charming - It's an insult. The girls in Oracle have this image of him as cheating on his girlfriends. As a result Will, Ashley and Natalie dubbed him as Prince Charming, while they were reading a 'Fables' comic. A perfectly logical nickname as he flirts a lot and has been caught in the girls room. What I found out (from the older versions of the girls and his half-brother), is that he doesn't cheat on any of his girlfriends and finishes a relationship before starting a new one. In fact, he is on friendly term with pretty much all of his ex's. As for the girls room incidents, he is just in the wrong place at the wrong time and doesn't see anything since he attempts to leave straight away (only to get caught). He also has a sharp eye in picking up on indecent men (and women), something evident when he showed a intense dislike to the guy Harmony was seeing in the 3rd year and (along with the others) proceeded to monitor the date. And while Ashley was comforting her heartbroken sister, Davi helped himself by severely punishing the boy. But while he has those redeeming qualities, he is still pretty up himself, still a flirt, doesn't particularly like his half-brother and is still the punching bag. Most of the time.

ANYWAY!! Got a little carried away...
Day 20: Completed! Have a nice day everyone!


  1. Memphis, you should comment ;o) Even if it's to say hi and say I like what you did ;o) That's how people know you have came around ;o) Don't be so hard on yourself! Give yourself a chance ;o) Davi, is a brown eyed, cutie ;o) Love him! Have a great day and start commenting ;o)

  2. As for commenting, do what feels right to you. Maybe your friend was particularly sensitive at the time? Losing a pet can be really hard sometimes.
    But don't worry. You are at the "right age" to not know what to say... none of us did at hat age either! :o)

    Now, for your Brazilian guy, He looks like a flirt to me heheheheh

  3. hubba hubba he's a cutie & great advice from Stacy & Martha - very wise insights :)


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