16 Feb 2012

Day 16: Three faces?

I decided with Cinnamon, that she should remain looking like a boy. Because when you live with a house full of boys for five years and have a twin brother, than your bound to stop caring about appearances eventually. Somehow, I get the idea that Cinnamon didn't really care about them in the first place. Or anything else that a female should do according to social and gender expectations in society (And yet, people still wonder why I don't like social situations). Basil (another character from the story) once made this little comment about her cooking ability (while she was out of the room);
"It may look like it's withering in pain, and was brutally tortured with fire before it was thrown up in the air and dropped a few times for good measure, but I assure you, it is still toast and has all it's original nutrition value. It's just a little bit burnt and it didn't hit the floor anymore than two times. So eat it, or else she will pass it off to one of us. And you will never hear the end of it."

Yes, I got a little bit sidetracked there for a moment. Anyway, today is Day 16 of the 29 Faces challenge! I just had Trin draw out today's name, and that name is Ping (don't give me that weird look. It's a real name!), but Mum showed me something really cool on the internet, so I decided to give that a go instead (and thus did a different character. Although I still did two drawings of Ping anyway). Here's the first!

Meet Ping. He looks pretty baby-faced to me. Funny, his cousin is baby-faced too. It must be a gene in their family... Or maybe the long life that comes with being a dragon effects their growing patterns.

Ok, so my first attempt for this thing Mum showed me is a dragon. This is how THAT turned out.
And just so you know... This is also Ping. Also, ignore the line coming out of his stomach, I had no idea what happened, but it just suddenly appeared...................... Ok fine, I tell you what happened. I lost control of the mouse and couldn't get rid of it.
And you probably figured out by now, I don't really know how to draw anything relating to animals of any kind, or buildings, or hands, or feet. Pretty much everything I don't know how to draw... Anyway, my second attempt was much better (with Mum's help). Do you know how fast she's grasped the basics? And her drawing is fantastic too! Anyway, onto the second attempt!

She's a girl, just so we are clear. Although everyone calls her Will, her actual name is Willow. Despite her appearance, she can be really vicious if someone threatens either of her brothers. Mum fixed the chin. She also attempted to fix the hair, the blush, the nose and everything else. But then I kicked her off before she could do anything else other than the chin.

I love the picture of Will. Best attempt ever. You guys want to try the thing that I was using? (I say 'thing' because I don't really know what to call it. Yeah. I'm just that good with words... And I want to be a writer. I see that career going down the drain...) Click here. If you don't want to try it, don't click here.
Anyway, Day 16: Completed! Three faces in one day (do dragon faces count as a face?)! I'm going to run out of subjects soon enough. Although maybe not... Anyway have a wonderful and fun day everyone!


  1. Hey Memphis ;o) I love Ping ;o) Sweet face! The dragon, I think is very cool! And, yes, I would say a dragon's face counts ;o) "The line was meant to be there"! No problems! Your last face, is excellent! I think it's great you and mom did it ;o) Even if your mom just fixed the chin ;o) I love that thing you told us to click on! So cool! Have a perfect day! And, never give up on your dream to be a writer!

  2. These rock Memphis, I know I just barely got to help (chin & you kicked me off LOL) BUT IT'S ADDICTIVE!! I JUST WANTED TO KEEP PLAYING!! :) I'm linking too, so much fun, by the way so are these, Ping (both human & dragon) & the totally awesome Willow... very very cool!

  3. Awesome! You know, I went to the site and all I managed was a webby looking ball AHAHAHAH You guys are great!


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