30 Oct 2011

Just to show you how chaotic my mind can sometimes get...

Ok, I needed a break from doing my assignments, and besides the inking of a drawing that I'm about to do (I swear I'm about to do it!), I sorta decided to showcase most of my stories. Well... At least the basic outline. I know that I have this warning on the side of this page, but since I'm doing this, I might has well be protective (and sorry to all those who feel insulted while reading this warning);

All characters, worlds & stories that appear in this blog are my own original work, so all copyright, reproduction rights and ownership belongs to me, Memphis Wilson. I am thrilled if you like these worlds, but please don't reproduce my creations without my permission. Thanks for understanding

Ok, good. Now that that's out of the way, we can move on... The worlds that I have in my mind:

A similar reality in that technology is more or less (more like the more) up to where we are
There are 33 major-major characters in the first story (There are so many people in this world that I ended up sorting them into groups of focus: Major-major, major-minor, minor-major, minor-minor, and everyone else). The 33 are expanded on again each passing year.
In this world, the ancient myths are actually true (or at least the beings behind them)
The direct descendants of these beings inherit some pretty wicked powers/skills
Oracle is the name of the game that is popular worldwide
This world is so HUGE and my major focus, since I want to do a manga of it

Holmes and Drew Factor
Set in a high school in this world (nothing supernatural about it)
4 major characters (smallest lot so far… And one of the earlier ones)
High school detectives, hence Holmes and Drew (Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew respectively)

Futuristic – Science fiction
The landmasses have been fused together and there is a political struggle for power spanning for over 50 years prior to the start of the story
There are refugee towns that are filled with people not wanting to get involved with the struggle. The choices are sea, cave, underground, jungle and volcano towns
8 main characters, but one features predominantly
S-Units are underwater vessels used for many different tasks. There are seven in total

The Nightmare Story
Futuristic - Science fiction
Alien invasion
People under the age of 18 (I think) were exposed to a gas when it was released into the atmosphere that was released before they were born. These ‘kids’ were the food for the aliens because they could be tracked down (hunted)
Story told (in a journal/free thought form) from the view point of an ‘infected’ private (In the military)
There are several major characters, but each having a varying degree of majority

The Dream Story (well they all are, but this is the title I gave to one)
Set in a reality with the same technology, but with supernatural capabilities
There are only two major-major characters, but there are many others that appear from time to time
Focuses around an out of date book filled with mythical monsters and beings, and it is the job of the two major characters to fix any details in it

The really confusing one that has every single other story in it
Set in a world where travelling to the different stars/worlds are possible
A form of darkness is taking over and destroying the worlds one by one in order to open the door to the dark realm (Don't ask. I think the mastermind is an idiot)
Story focuses on a ‘foreigner’ and the people that she meets throughout her journey to stop the darkness (a quest she was rather reluctant to agree to)
………………… I’d try to count the characters that pop up… But think of it as every single one of the characters on these pages, plus a possible 6-10 more

Way alternate reality in which both magic and science co-exist (Think Final Fantasy)
There is a massive war going on, I have yet to discover over what
Told from the viewpoint of the Keeper of Memories, who wiped his own for some reason or other (yet another thing I’ll need to find out)
There are 6 characters that I have seen or met (2 of which won’t tell me a thing about them, so I asked their boss. Those suckers don’t know what they’ve got coming to them now!)

Ghost Walkers
This was the first one I had set in a different reality, and the person telling the story states it too (and it isn’t me telling the story! Well it is, but I heard it from someone else, so… Yeah)
Walkers are people who have a ghost fixed with them from the moment they are born. Their life-job is to get the ghost back their body
The ghosts are people who have died an unfair death, or early, or have worked their butt off in the afterlife to get a second chance. Many of the ghosts are good, but occasionally a bad one sneaks through
Story focuses around the Walker Laura and her ghost Gale
It’s gets pretty confusing at some point (Have yet to pin it down exactly) but there is a psycho ghost walking around

Set in a world with a mixture of modern technology, but most old fashioned in many life-style aspects (Not attitude… Well, some characters are, but many are ‘new-age’ thinkers. Or too scared to say anything)
I’ve got a fair idea of what is going on in the story, but I have yet to exactly pin-point it on one line to summarise it. However, since the characters are already there, I just gave them a world to run around in
Nine characters, excluding sensei (teachers), leaders of villages, animals, enemies, students and anyone outside the village. There are however, around 33 that have had their existence confirmed (Including everyone that was previously excluded)

Territory Battle
This world is defiantly an alternate reality; there is better technology, but not really traditional sci-fi material.
Think of it like a huge gang war, between like… 5 gangs, and one secret one, but sshhhh…
There are strict rules in place to prevent deaths, and there are a lot of areas called neutral territory, in which if there is a fight, verbal or physical, the punishment is severe (not death though)
Even in the clash zones there are many rules that have to be followed, or else
The secret group (from what I can gather) are so secret, that members of it are announced as dead or missing
There are a group of friends that have been split up by the territory ‘war’, and two of them are trying to fix the relationships from ‘beat-up-everyone-not-in-our-group’ to ‘can’t-stand-them-but-will-not-fight-with’. I think that the two know it is hard to aim for much better than that

Communications World (This is only a temporary name until I figure out a better one than what I already have, which is Azure)
This world is one where it is possible to communicate with the other worlds
I know this because Azure (one of the people from this world) knows some of the older versions of those in Oracle
Outside of that… I have no idea of the purpose that this world serves… I guess that I keep it with me though because MOST of the characters in this story are much easier to talk to (and don’t get mad at me for some of the things that I create about them)

Ok, I think that's it for now. Have a nice day everyone!

13 Oct 2011

An article that I did for school

First off. I'M SO SORRY! I still haven't inked my witches, but I just borrowed out a heap of new (to me) manga and I'm reading 'The Power of Six' (sequel to 'I am Number Four'), so again I apologise. I still intend to keep my promise.

Anyway, to post a post, in Australia, we have a festival called 'Voices on the Coast'. It's a festival with Australian writers, artists and occasionally performers. I first went when I was in grade 6 or 7. Mum went to as a chaperone to the group of over-excited kids. Since my first time, I've been going to the festival ever since. I've picked up different techniques in writing and drawing, or things to try (most of which I suck at, but I still try). Anyway, my first year of High School was the first time they decided to try taking a group there. We were small, and at the end of the day, I wrote up an article on it. Every year since then, I've written an article and this was my last year doing it.

There was a mistake in the article (ONE mistake) but on this post I fixed it up. Teacher did a lousy check-over. Anyway, moving on to the actual article.


On the 6th of June 2011 at Sunshine Coast University, the ‘Voices on the Coast’ 30 students and 3 teachers from St Asbjörn’s attended this literacy festival. The number of students had been cut in half, but none the less no-one’s spirits for the excitement of that day were dampened. The day’s highlights included going to writing, drawing and performing workshops, listening to the stories of the talented authors and illustrators there and of course, getting autographs. The St Asbjörn’s students showed their best behaviour as they were swept with the unparalleled excitement of the day.
As soon as the group stepped off the bus, everyone was gearing to go to the first session. Olivia from 8.6 said that after attending the Steph Bowe talk she would “really like to read the book ‘Girl saves Boy’ because it sounds interesting”. Brigette from 9.4 went to a Pat Flynn talk, afterward saying “I really enjoyed this session as he entertained a comical side to his lecture capturing everyone’s attention”. Meanwhile over on the other side of the grounds, many went to a talk with Oliver Phommavanh, and were in agreement that even with the child-like sense of humour (and attention span) that it was the funniest talk of the day and a huge highlight.
In session 2, Rianna from 8.4 went to a talk with fantasy author Kate Forsyth saying, “I always loved fantasy and it had some good writing tips for me”. Several students went to a printing workshop and all agreed that it was one of the most fun things of the day; Trinity said “I enjoyed this workshop because it showed how talented some people are”. Grace from Penola 3 explained that the ‘Shake and Stir’ workshop “Was not what I had first expected. It was an unbelievably awesome workshop”!
In the last session, Darcy from 9.3 went to see James Phelan and had some harsh criticism: “It was alright, it needed more writing techniques’. Finian went to Michael Bauer saying it was a “great inspiration and very funny”. Sacha said that “Tristan Bancks showed us how to set up and write stories”.
Unfortunately, the day had to come to an end (much to the disappointment of all), and at the bottom of each of the sheets I have in front of me there are the words ‘Best day ever’ or ‘Great fun’ scrawled across in all different handwritings.
It’s been a pleasure reporting the St Asbjörn’s students’ day during ‘Voices on the Coast’ for the past five years; it’s hard to believe that we started with only 10 students and one teacher.
Memphis Year 12
CLC Club

And just on another note, all last names were deleted from this article and I changed the name of the High School, just incase some creep comes along. I'm not saying any of you are creeps, but it's better to be safe than sorry. And incase the name 'Saint Asbjörn' is stubbled upon, it comes from a web-comic called 'Scandanavia and the World' and was created by Humon. I just lack the imagination right now to create a name, and I was re-reading some comics yesterday.

I hope I did everything correctly... If not, I'll probably take the post down. Anyway, Have a good day everyone.

8 Oct 2011


Haha, I sorta kinda spent my day painting and playing on the computer, when I was meant to be finishing off a different drawing... Opps... Anyway, I liked the outcome of the painting I did, so I decided to show you guys the picture. The picture is of Ashley (an older version of her I think) and it's done in a 1970's knitting book. I plan to fill the other pages with my other characters. There are only three pictures though because I'm really lazy when the camera's out of my reach.

Would you believe me if I said that I actually drew that hand?
And here is the fully coloured picture. Like it? I do. It seems kinda steam-punk to me, but I found the outfit in one of the 70's knitting books! Although, the outfit had no colour, so that part's all me!
And then I decided to add an outline for her wings in the end just to use up some of the paint I had left

Short post, but the next one will have my witches I promise! I'll draw all day tomorrow if I have to (actually, I might do that anyway). Ok, have a fun day everyone!

3 Oct 2011

Holidays and My friend's artwork

Holidays are a great thing. Travel, sleep, video games, reading, drawing and writing! The only issue is that it has to be crammed into 2 weeks. That and there was little internet access time (and whatever time there was a certain younger sister made sure she had it). Doesn't matter though. I enjoyed reading out my favourite bits to Mum from the book I was reading, 'Witches Abroad' by Terry Pratchett, while mum told me about hers, 'Small Gods' also by Terry Pratchett. And now I really, really, really need to find the other 30-something novels of Discworld.

On the first day of the holidays, I sent an e-mail to my friend (the one who likes the purple hair) asking if I could put the pictures she drew for me on here, but she didn't check her inbox, so I had to wait until school today when she came bouncing up to me excited to talk about her holiday (mainly watching anime). But before I show the pictures on here, you need to know the back story (well, not really, but it clears up some details).

1) She (my friend) is a really gifted manga artist. She is like me in that she draws in her school books, but if you flip through hers, you'll see some school work on a page and then a full page dedicated to a character on the next. Man I get so jealous of her sometimes... She tells me about her pictures and I REALLY want to see them... Moving on.

2) Three weeks before the end of the term, she had started to get back into an anime called 'Beyblades', something that I re-watched three years ago (and keep re-watching when I'm in the mood). She was very excited about it, and throughout the week, we talked about the parts that she was up to and what she remembered from before.

3) During the exam week, she came up to me with a picture that she had drawn of two of the characters, and I decided I was going to draw her as a beyblader with a dragon bitbeast, but I wanted her to be happy with it. So during the study block, I asked her what were her preferred colours and if she still adored dragons (overall, her tastes vary depending on how she is feeling). So I did the picture (with a dragonology book for a reference) and gave it to her at the end of the day. If I interpreted the squealing correctly, she was really happy.

4) And now we arrive to the last week of the term. In the last block she was absolutely determined to give me the picture before the end of the day. Since my chemistry class only had seven kids in it, after we packed up the library, we could sorta wander around for a bit before going back to the classroom. My friend was in the library and said she'd give the picture if I tagged along with her. After wandering around, she realised that the picture was in the art room, so we went there (the class also had seven kids) and she happily told me all about the drawing process and joined my chemistry class for a bit before she took off.

So that is the very brief backstory. Now some of you are wondering why I'm putting my friend's work on here, even though I've been drawing over the holidays, am I right? The truth is... I need to fix up my drawings, and organise them, and possibly locate one or two. BUT I was originally planning to post this on the last day of the term and I decided I'd still go though it. Besides, it an awesome picture and I like showing people awesome things.

Oh, I just realised I didn't tell you what the picture is of. It's her interpretation of me as a beyblader and what my bitbeast would look like. She always puts so much work into her artwork... I feel bad now... I think mine is really, really, really poor compared to hers...

Anyway! To the pictures!

I'll put up better quality pictures as soon as I can and I promise Magaly, I'll keep my self-made promise to put up my witches, but the pictures of them went walk-abouts and now I have to find them (or redraw. There's not that much work yet).

Anyway, thanks for reading and bearing with me on this one! Have a nice day everyone!